"If you can't understand the basic comedic principle, then what's the point?"



In the classical model, there were three basic types of relationships: romances, friendships, and rivalries. But there is a fourth quadrant that can be added to this model - not the flush of romance, the pale fire of friendship, or the deep pitch of enmity. It is the ashen quadrant, reserved for those relationships based on building bridges and connecting disparate elements. If you have ever been friends with two people who dislike each other, you know this quadrant well. The constant struggle of pulling opposites together, of being the defining line in a binary. It is this struggle that fascinates me and identifies my work. The conflict between audio and video, red and blue, private and public, male and female - and most importantly, the simple truth that these binaries are nothing more than false choices built by dead giants. Gender is a construct. The internet connects us in isolation. Purple exists. And audio, video, text, and interactivity are not separate mediums, but merely different colors in the palette.


I am a reader and a writer. A creator and a consumer. Young by some accounts, old by others. I am behind the camera, in front of the camera, and inside the camera. I am male and female and neither and both. I'm pretty dang good at this Multimedia stuff. I am the Ashen Quadrant. I am Bobby Lang. How you doin'?