I have many passions in multimedia, but my purest love is for the art of video editing. Above is an informational video I edited for Portland Community College, showcasing one of their teachers and departments. Below you will find a selection of footage I have personally shot and edited, and below that are two editing projects using stock footage that I am particularly proud of.

CN: This video contains some graphic imagery.

I was inspired by the title of the song "Tribal Ebonpyre" to create a beat editing music video that at first is just kind of fun and clever but then ends up being about the horrible human cost of America's so-called Banana Wars in the early 20th century. My intent was to entertain, but  primarily to inform and spark curiosity in an often overlooked chapter of American history.

"Banana Wars" was created using footage from many different sources. For this video, "No Release", I challenged myself by using one single stock film as my source. I think I was successful in creating a music video that pays homage to the story of both the song and the original source, but ends up telling a new story altogether.