Above is a text-based adventure game that I was lead writer and game designer for, entitled "Royal Jelly: The Tale of the Time Traveling Lesbeean, the Adventures She Undertook, and What Happened To Her Hence". It was created as part of a week-long game jam with local indie collective PIGSquad, where the theme was "Begin at the End". It is an involved piece of interactive fiction, featuring romance, intrigue, karaoke, drama, honey, and lots and lots of time travel. It won the "Mind F#$% Award" in the game jam, and is one of my proudest accomplishments.

I also run the premiere critique blog in the incredibly niche musical genre of Wizard Rock - music about The Boy Who Lived. Some of my best work is here, as well as my worst and most self indulgent. It is nominally a series of reviews about nerdy music, but ends up being an accidental cross between charting the decline of a fandom and the growth of a writer. You can binge through the entire Wrock Snob archives here.